Insurance Coverage

Our Insurance Coverage Practice Group offers expertise in insurance law involving all primary, excess, and reinsurance policies. The approach is result oriented and focuses narrowly on the decisive elements of a coverage dispute. Whether our client's goal is to enforce coverage, to transfer a risk to another carrier, to resolve a multilateral dispute among insurers, to validate or challenge a disclaimer, to prosecute or defend a declaratory judgment action or appeal, to engage in alternative mechanisms for dispute resolution, or to make and document coverage recommendations, we aim to meet these objectives expeditiously and cost effectively.

The gamut of our expertise ranges across the widest possible spectrum of insurance related issues. Among other areas, we have grappled with:

  • Coverage Disputes involving construction accidents; completed operations; environmental claims; trucking and automobile; premises liability; trademark, patent and copyright claims; defamation; commercial litigation; employment law.
  • Various Policies and Coverages including CGL; first-party coverage; D & O; E & O; Homeowners'; Manuscript and Excess policies.
  • Recurring Issues including additional insured status of an owner, contractor, lessor, or construction manager; defense and indemnity for class action suits involving consumer claims; the ambit of coverage for invasion of privacy; proof of existence and terms of coverage; identity of insured/additional insureds; treatment of multiple insureds; self-insured retention; deductibles and carrying charges; notice and disclaimer requirements; number of occurrences; co-insurance allocations; primary versus excess issues; contractual indemnity issues; anti-subrogation; breach of contract to procure coverage; waiver of subrogation; bankruptcy issues; and drop down provisions.
  • Special and Unique Issues including application of pollution exclusions; construction defects; "sick building" claims; interplay of differing laws among a choice of state's laws; and narrowed or broadened scope of coverage by means of manuscript endorsements.