Environmental Claims Litigation

Environmental Claims Litigation Newman Myers Kreines Gross Harris, P.C. has made its mark since the early 1980's as a premier law firm in the environmental claims sector in all of its substantive branches: claims arising out of groundwater and airborne contamination, "sick building" syndrome, lead poisoning, and exposure to asbestos and other toxins. The firm represent the interests of product manufacturers in mass torts involving asbestos claims, as well as a leading construction manager in the defense of death and injury claims based on toxic exposure to respiratory contaminants and lead exposure in the recent large-scale renovation of New York's landmark Grand Central Station. We have also represented the interests of the Dormitory Authority of the State of New York in connection with a myriad of actions brought by claimants seeking damages for exposures to bacterial and other contaminants in connection with "sick building" syndrome, which plaintiffs alleged against the College of Staten Island of the City University of New York. In those cases, we defeated the attempt at class action certification and obtained dismissals by way of motions for summary judgment. We represented the construction manager in a lawsuit alleging toxic exposure to airborne contaminants at plaintiff's workplace at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, emanating from exhaust fumes in a parking garage. After some preliminary discovery, we developed a record establishing manifestations of respiratory ailments in a time frame that was outside of the applicable statute of limitations. The ensuing motion to dismiss was granted, thereby truncating serious potential liability. A similar result was achieved in connection with claims of airborne particles dispersed at Roosevelt Hospital.